I always hated walking home alone. It was just another typical weekday, walking home from my part time job
in pitch black. Los Angelesis possibly the worst place for a girl to walk home alone in complete darkness. The only good part was that for the 4 blocks from work to my house, I got to have much needed alone time. I had
one headphone in and was listening to my favorite band; Black Veil Brides. Andy
Biersack had been my idol since the first time I listened to one of their songs.
No matter how alone I felt, they always made me feel like I was part of a family
that didn’t hate me. I took the same route that I always did, but this time, I
saw something I wasn’t supposed to. As I turned the corner onto my street, I saw
a mugging in progress. I hid in the bushes and did the only thing I could;
attempt calling the cops. But it was too late for that. The man was already
getting away with some lady’s purse. As he came closer, I thought about what I
could do. I did the first thing that came to mind. When the mugger came around
the corner, I clothes lined him. He fell to the ground with a loud thud and an “Umph!” 
I took the lady’s purse off of him and hit him repeatedly across the face
with it until he was unconscious. I walked over to the lady and handed her the
purse. She took it from me with a terrified look and ran away. I walked back
over to the unconscious mugger. I had broken his nose and bruised his face
pretty badly. I took his phone and called the police.“911 what is your
emergency?” I heard from the other end. “There’s a man beaten up pretty badly at
the corner of Raven  Avenue and King Boulevard,” I said. “An ambulance will be there as
soon as possible,” I heard from the other end of the line before I hung up. I
let out a sigh as I wiped down the phone and threw it back at him. I didn’t want
the police to come looking for me if they get involved in this. I began walking
down the street towards my house before I realized that I had left my phone back
at the store. “Shit!” I swore under my breath. “I began walking back towards the
store once again. I wouldn’t mind the dark if there weren’t creeps around every
corner. I got back there without anyone trying to rob me. I walked in the back
door and went over to my locker. I opened it and sure enough, my phone was
there. I picked it up and looked at it, seven missed calls. I knew who they were
from before I even looked at it. I slammed my locker and walked out the back
door. I went to stand under a floodlight at the back door of some record company
building. Five rings and then voicemail, she was asleep. My mother was going to
kill me when I got home. As I was about to make another call, the door swung
open and knocked me over. “Fuck,” I swore aloud as I sat up. “I’m so sorry! I
didn’t see you there,” a familiar voice said. I looked up and saw him, the
absolutely perfect Andy Biersack. “I-its ok,” I managed to stutter out. My heart
was racing and I could feel that I was shaking. He held out his hand to help me
up. “I really am sorry. Usually nobody stands around here at this time of
night,” he said in that perfect voice. “It’s fine really. I forgot my phone at
the shop next door and had to come back to get it,” I said, surprised my voice
wasn’t shaking like the rest of me. “How far away do you live?” he asked. “Only
four blocks,” I said, almost too eagerly. “Well the least I can do is walk you
home,” he said, and then he smiled that insane smile that drove everyone insane.
We began walking towards my house. I almost couldn’t believe this was really
happening. “So, have you ever heard of Black Veil Brides?” he asked casually,
trying not to seem too obvious. “Yeah, I absolutely LOVE their music, Andy,” I
said nervously. “So you’re a fan, eh? I almost didn’t think you were. You didn’t
scream and try to attack me the second you saw me,” he said with a chuckle.
“Well I know it must get annoying having crazy fans always attacking you,” I
said. “Yeah, but I wouldn’t mind if you attacked me with hugs,” he said
playfully. I blushed. “You must feel so lame, hanging out with a nobody like
me,” I said, half joking.“You aren’t a nobody. And besides, being a somebody
isn’t all that great. Your have to put up with people who think they’re too good
to breathe the same air as you,” he said. I laughed quietly. “Whoever told you
that you’re a nobody was wrong and had no right to label you because you aren’t
afraid to be yourself,”he said. I smiled at him. “We’re almost to my house,” I
said, not wanting this conversation or this night to end. When we got there, he
walked me up to my door. As he was walking away, he turned around and blew me a
kiss. I smiled and laughed quietly to myself. I watched him walk away, counting
every step he took. When he was out of sight, I unlocked my door and walked
inside. The house was dark. It took my eyes a second to adjust before I could
see silhouettes of the furniture because of the moonlight slightly gleaming
through the window. I walked up the stairs quietly and entered my bedroom. I
fell onto my bed and thought about what had just happened. I closed my eyes and
drifted off into a deep sleep.

I was awaked the next morning by sunlight shining thought my window. I sat up and realized that I never changed
  out of yesterday’s clothes. I checked all the pockets in my skinny jeans before
  throwing them into the hamper along with my shirt. I put my Spongebob boxers
  and an old The Offspring shirt and went downstairs to eat cereal while watching
  my Saturday morning cartoons. My mom works twelve-hour shifts during the week
  and all weekend so I know that I can sit peacefully and watch cartoons without
  her nagging me and pointing out all of my flaws. After I finished my cereal, I
  went back upstairs to get a book out of my backpack. When I opened it, I saw a
  piece of paper in front of the book. I picked it up and looked at it.
Biersack 978-880-5462
. He slipped his phone number in my backpack. When the
hell’d he do that? I couldn’t believe I had his phone number in my hand. I
picked up my cell phone and put in his contact. I stared at the phone for a
little before it finally sunk in. I let out a screech of joy. I was about to
text him when reality struck; what if he’s busy? What if he thinks I’m annoying?
What if it’s a fake number? As all of these questions piled up inside my mind, I
heard the doorbell ring. I walked down the stairs and looked through the peep
hole. He was standing outside of my front door looking as handsome as ever
without even trying. I opened the door and he looked at me. “I like your
boxers,” he said with a strait face. I looked like crap while he looked like an
angel. “Thanks,” I said, regretting not trying to look better. “Well are you
going to get dressed or are we just going to stand around?” he asked. “Where are
we going?” I asked. “It’s a surprise,”he said smiling that devilish little
smile of his. I went up to my room to get dressed. The best thing I could find
was a pair of acid wash red skinny jeans and a Warped Tour t-shirt. I brushed my
shoulder-length brown hair and teased the bangs and top. I put a little bit of
eye liner on and walked downstairs. He was standing there, looking like he
always does; perfect. “Nice shirt,” he said as he grabbed my hand and drug me
out of my house. “Aren’t you worried people will notice you?” I said. “No. Not
once I’m disguised,” he said as we headed toward the downtown area. He slipped
on a skater hat and shoved all his hair inside of it. He then took out a pair of
non-prescription glasses and put them on. He looked completely different, but
still too handsome to be just anybody. But then again, a lot of people try to
look like rock stars, so I’m sure no one will notice. “Where are we going?” I
asked as we approached the local theatre.“I hope you like scary movies,” he
said. He bought two tickets to Insidious. We walked into the theatre it was
playing in and picked our seats. No one else was there, so he decided to start
singing one of his many amazing acoustic songs; The Mortician’s Daughter. I knew
the words, but I was too shy to even think about singing with him. So instead I
listened to his amazing voice sing the most beautiful song ever written. As he
got to the middle of the song, we heard the door open and a group of girls in
Victoria’s Secret clothes ran into the theatre and picked the front row seats. A few
  minutes later, a group of boys about the same size walked in and sat behind the
  girls. I knew them all from school. They were seniors, I was only a junior.
  More people started coming in and before we knew it the place was packed. The
  movie trailers started and the lights dimmed. After about eight or so trailers,
  the movie finally started. I was terrified for the entire movie. I was curled
  up in a ball in my chair, holding Andy’s hand the whole time. After the movie,
  we went back to my house. When we walked in the door, he took his hat off. His
  hair was all over the place, but still perfect. He took his glasses off and his
  bright blue eyes seemed to glow. I gave him a tour of my average house and we
  eventually ended up in the basement. It didn’t really have much except for the
  drum set, bass, two guitars, keyboard, and microphone that were my father’s
  before he disappeared one night. We don’t really know what happened to him, he
  just seemed to evaporate into thin air. Andy picked up a guitar and began
  shredding on it. “Where’s the bathroom?” he asked after he finished his wicked
  shredding. “Upstairs, the second door to the left,” I said. After I was sure he
  was upstairs, I picked up the microphone and began singing The Mortician’s
  Daughter. I got to the first chorus and then Andy chimed in. I almost dropped
  the microphone and I began to blush. “Why’d you stop?” he asked. “You surprised
  me. I don’t like to let people hear me sing,” I said. “Why not? You’re really
  good,” he said as he smiled an innocent smile at me. “The last time I tried to
  sing in front of people I got things thrown at me, booed off the stage, and I
  got picked on. They said things like “emo” and “goth” and “cutter” and “you
  suck”,” I said as the memories of the pain came back. He walked over to me and
  gave me the hug I needed. I began to quietly cry on his shoulder. “Never let
  anyone else define who you are. I can’t believe they did that to you,” he said.
  Just then, my phone rang. “It’s my mom,” I said nervously. “I better get
  going,” he said. “Wait! Here’s my phone number just incase you ever need
  something,” I said. He took it and smiled. He walked out the door and waved
  goodbye as he was walking down the walkway. I waved back, wishing he didn’t
  have to go. As soon as he was gone, I went up to my room and began reading my
  book. Ten minutes later, I heard my mom pull in the driveway, the car door
  slam, and the front door open. “Emily? Are you home?” she called from
  downstairs. “Yes mother,” I replied. “That’s a shock. Considering you didn’t
  come home last night,” she said. “I was almost home when I realized I had
  forgotten my phone in my locker to I went back to get it,” I said, trying my
  best not to explode on her. “I’m sure you did,” she said in an unbelieving
  voice. I ignored her and locked my door. I laid back down and before I knew it,
  I was asleep.

I awoke the next day at around noon. I decided to go do some shopping since we were out of about everything
  except vodka and blunts (my mother’s). I walked to the supermarket and bought
  some good food. I heard my phone ring and looked at it. Andy’s name popped up.
  I opened the text message and we started a conversation. I checked out and went
  back home. It was only about 1:45 then and my mom didn’t get home until about
  7. Andy and I texted each other until 11:30 before I said I was tired and had
  to go. I was so tired, yet so content at the same time. All my mother had done
  since she got home was drink and smoke (which means she left me alone). I went
  to sleep, dreading school the next morning.

I awoke the next morning and did my whole morning routine. I decided to wear skinny jeans with holes up the
front, purple converse, and a Black Veil Brides shirt. I teased my hair and did
my makeup like I always did; dark eyeliner, dark purple eye shadow, black
mascara, and bright pink lip gloss. I walked outside and waited for the bus.
When it finally came, I knew I would have to either sit alone or sit with
someone who was going to pick on me. I was lucky that morning, not a lot of
people were on so I got to sit alone. When I arrived at school, I went to my
locker, knowing to expect notes on it. They said things like “skank” and “goth”
and “cutter.”But by now, I was used to it. I tore them off like I always did and
threw them away. “Hey, freak. So how many people did you sleep with this
weekend? Did you keep track by cutting numbers into your arm?” they said as they laughed. I
turned away, not wanting them to see me cry. I felt one touch my shoulder.
“What’s wrong? To scared to face us, pansy?” they said as they gripped my
shoulder tighter and tighter. Then I heard a smack and the hand left my
shoulder. I looked up and I almost screamed. “Don’t touch her. Ever,” he said in
that voice of an angel.“And what can you do about it?” one asked. “Just because
I wear makeup doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass,” he said with a tone of
seriousness. I saw the fire in his eyes. Andy came to save me. He’s not just my
idol anymore or some far off fantasy, he’s my savior. I turned toward him and
began crying on his shoulder. This time, I was weeping. He hugged me tightly and
buried his face in my neck. “It’s going to be ok. I promise,” I would hear him
whisper over and over again. He had his hair tucked away in his skater hat and his glasses on with only a little eyeliner on. Just then, I heard the principal's voice. "Young man, what are you doing here?" he asked. Andy didn't answer. “Young man, I can call the cops and have you escorted out or you can leave willingly,” the principal said with an arrogant smirk. “Yeah, and what are the cops going to do? Take me to jail because I was protecting her from
getting beat up?” Andy said with an equally arrogant smirk, but his was perfect.
“Leave or I’m going to make you leave,” the principal said angrily. “I’ll leave
when you do your job and make sure that they don’t beat on people who are
different,” Andy said in a very serious tone. The principal stormed off,
mumbling curse words with every step. “Andy, you don’t have to do this,” I said.
“Do what?” he said. “Protect me. I’m fine, really. I’m used to it,” I said,
looking at the ground because I couldn’t look him in the eye. “You shouldn’t be
used to something like this. You need to stand up for yourself. Don’t let them
control your life,” he said. I wasn’t looking at him, but I could tell he was
looking at me with hurt filled eyes. “I was bullied before I became famous. They
called me “gay” and “faggot” and many other horrible names. They usually told me
to go kill myself because I wasn’t worth it. That I didn’t deserve life,” he
said. “That’s horrible. Didn’t it ever get to you?” I asked. “Yeah, it did. But
when I got pissed, I wrote songs. I formed a band with a couple of other people
who were sick of being picked on and we became famous. I don’t sing for the
people who hate me, I sing in spite of them,” he said. I began laughing. “What’s
so funny?” he asked. “I didn’t realize that all the tears and pain and horrible
memories they gave me are all just a waste of time. I’m done letting everyone
walk all over me. I’m going to fight for what I believe in, for who I am,” I
said, determined. He smiled that perfect smile that drove me crazy. As we were
talking, the principal showed up with the police. “You’re coming with me,” the
office said to Andy as he picked him up by the arm. Andy pulled his arm free.
“Why officer? I didn’t do anything wrong. I was only protecting my friend from
  getting beat up, as she does everyday,” Andy said like a smartass, a flawless
  smartass with a perfect voice. The officer tried to grab his arm again, but he
  shook him off. “If I leave, she’ll get the shit beat out of her. Now where’s
  the justice in that?” Andy said. The officer pulled out his handcuffs and put
  them on Andy. “Let him go,” I said. “And what are you going to do about it if
  he doesn’t?” the principal said. I was so angry I had no control over my
  actions. Before I even knew what happened the principal was lying on the ground
  holding his stomach, doubled over in pain. I had punched him in the stomach
  with all the strength I had. The principal stood up, using the lockers to help.
“You’re expelled!” He said, still holding his stomach. He walked off angrily.
  The cop was staring in shock. “Well, are you going to let him go?” I asked. “I
  can’t do that. He disobeyed direct orders from a police officer. I’m taking him
  down to the station,” he said. I was still pissed about the principal and this
  was just the icing on the cake. The cop took him out to the police car and
  drove him down to the station. I grabbed everything out of my locker and began
  walking down towards the police station. It was my fault he got arrested, the
  least I could do was bail him out. I approached the police station, hoping Andy
  didn’t hate me because he got arrested for protecting me. I walked through the
  double doors and approached the desk where a portly, short man was sitting.
“Can I help you?” he asked, obviously hating his job. “I’m here to bail out
Andy,” I said. The man stood up and motioned me toward the corridor with six
cells. I walked down it and in the sixth one, Andy sat motionless. “You do know
he only has to serve one night, right?” said the cop. “Yes,” I said. I’m not
stupid. But he shouldn’t have to serve any time at all. Andy looked up and saw
me. He jumped off of the bed and ran up to the bars. “What are you doing here?”
he asked, almost disappointed. “I’m bailing you out,” I said. “No. I won’t let
  you,” he said. “What’s his bail?” I asked the police officer, ignoring Andy’s
  protests. “One hundred dollars,” the officer said. I pulled out the five
  twenties I was going to use to buy myself some new clothes and CDs. “Here,” I
  said giving him the money reluctantly. The officer took the money, pulled out
  his keys, and unlocked Andy’s cell door. Andy and I walked out of the police
  station in silence. As we passed the theatre, Andy asked, “Why? Why did you
  bail me out?” “I bailed you out because you saved my life,” I said solemnly. “I
  just stopped them from beating you up. That’s hardly saving a live,” he said. I
  looked into his deep, bright, shining blue eyes. “Three years ago, I attempted
  to kill myself. The night before I was going to splatter my brains across the
  schoolyard, I found your band on YouTube. I listened to the song that popped
  up, which happened to be Never Give In. I realized that offing myself would
  just mean that they won, and I wasn’t about to let that happen. So I burned the
  suicide note I was going to leave and locked the gun back up in its case. You
  did save my life, Andy,” I said, tears welling in my own eyes as I stared into
  his. We said nothing, even though there was so much to say. We stood in silence
  for what seemed like forever before he smiled. “I’m glad our music reached
  somebody, especially somebody like you,” he said as he smiled at me, looking
  into my soul with his shimmering blue eyes. We began walking back towards my
  house when he grabbed my hand and held it tightly in his. We walked back to my
  house, hand in hand. “I’m going on tour soon and I would be overjoyed if you
  would join me,” he said. My mouth dropped in shock. “Are you serious?” I asked.
“Yeah, I’ve wanted a girl voice in the band for a long time now but had no luck,
until I heard you sing. You have that voice that I’ve been searching for. It
blends with mine in perfect harmony,” he said as he took my other hand. Here we
were, a famous rock star and a nobody, standing in the moonlight, our hands
  intertwined. I loved Andy, but I knew better than to think anything could work.
  I did with him what I did with everyone I was ever close to; kept them at arms
  length. They were my friends, but nothing serious. “I’d better get home,” I
  said, trying not to make it awkward. As I walked away he grabbed my wrist. “I
  never got your answer; will you tour with me?” he asked. “Of course,” I said.
“I’ll pick you up Wednesday morning at three. We have to leave early or we won’t
make our own concert,” he said in that perfect voice. “Alrighty, see you then,”
I said. I walked down my street and then into my house. “Where have you been?” I
heard that annoying voice ask. “I was walking home,” I said. “You don’t work
today so where were you walking home from?” she asked. “I was walking home with
a friend,” I said. I wasn’t lying; I just wasn’t telling her everything. “I’m
sure you were. And what’s your ‘friends’ name?” she asked skeptically. “His name
is Andy,” I mumbled. “What?” she asked even though she heard me the first time.
“I SAID HIS NAME IS ANDY!” I screamed as I stomped upstairs and slammed my door.
“Get back down here!” she demanded. I ignored her and put my headphones in. I
listened to Black Veil Brides while I slowly slipped into sleep.

I woke up the next morning and rolled out of bed. It took a minute to remember that I had been expelled from
school. I went downstairs and ate waffles for breakfast; shitty, generic waffles. After I was done, I went upstairs to my room to start packing. For the day, I chose to wear black skinny jeans and a Marilyn Manson tank top. I packed all of my clothes (which isn’t really saying much. I only have like 20 shirts and 15 pairs of jeans.) I packed my two good pairs of converse and everything else I held near and dear to me. After I was finished packing, I began writing a note
to my mother to explain my absence. Dear mother, I have set out in search of father. I will eventually return home,
  hopefully with him. Sincerely, Emily.
What I wanted to write was not what was on the paper. I wanted to tell her how much I hated her criticism and her constant nagging about me not having any friends. I’d like to say it didn’t
  bother me, but it did. It always ate away at me how I wasn’t the daughter she wanted. It only took me about an hour to pack and write the note, so I had the rest of my day to do whatever I wanted. I went into the basement and began to
  sing Saviour, one of the songs off of BVB’s new album. I couldn’t play guitar or drums or bass. I wasn’t really anything special; just a girl who was part of the Black Veil Brides Army; just another outcast with no where to go and no one to wish me well. I sobbed and then remembered what Andy said. When he got pissed, he’d just write songs. I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and began writing lyrics. They weren’t anything even close to Andy’s, but they were my thoughts and anger and sadness put into music. I began to sing it. I sang the whole entire song before I noticed the figure standing in the corner. “That was amazing. Did you write that?” he asked. “Andy? When did you get here?” I asked. “I’ve been here since you started singing Saviour. What song were you just singing?” he asked. “Oh I just wrote it I don’t really have a title for it yet,” I said, kind of embarrassed. He took the paper from my hand and read over
  it. We both began to sing it. Our voices harmonized
in a way that made me think I was listening to an album. We sang until I heard
footsteps coming down the stairs. Oh shit, my mother was home. She walked down
the stairs and when she got to the base, she stopped and stared us. “So this is
your friend Andy?” she asked with a tone of disbelief. “Yeah, what about it?” I
  asked. “Nothing. I just didn’t realize you both liked to sing even though
  you’re both horrible,” she said. As Andy was about to say something, I spoke
  up. “Shut up! How would you know? All you ever do is smoke and drink! You
  probably don’t even know what music is! I’m sick and tired of you always
  criticizing me! You have no right to tell me who I am! Andy is an amazing
  singer and you’re just jealous because I actually have a friend!” I grabbed
  Andy’s wrist and stormed passed my dumbfounded mother. I ran upstairs to my
  room and grabbed my small suitcase. “Is there anywhere I can crash before we
  leave?” I asked. He nodded and took my hand he led me out of my house and down
  the street. At the end of my street sat a tour bus with all the band members
  painted on it. “I came to tell you we’re leaving earlier than expected. Instead
  of three, the decided to leave at seven tonight,” he said smiling at me. We got
  on the tour bus and he led me to my room. I set my suitcase on the bed and
  couldn’t help but smile. It wasn’t a huge room but it was enough. There were
  five other beds, but only one was in my room. Just then, I heard a door open.
“Andy? Is that you?” the voice asked. I knew that voice. That was Ashley Purdy,
  the bands bass player. “Yeah. Hey I have someone I want you to meet. Hey Emily,
  come on out here,” he said. I walked out of my room and saw Ashley’s mouth drop.
“It’s nice to meet you, Ashley. I’m a HUGE fan,” I said as I held out my hand
  for him to shake. He ignored it and gave me a hug like we were old friends who
hadn’t seen each other in a while. I hugged back, a confused expression on my
face.“You’re family now; families don’t do handshakes,” he said with a smile.
Out of that same room came Jinxx (one of the guitar players and back up vocals)
and out of another came Jake Pitts (the lead guitarist) and C.C. (Christian Coma
  who plays drums). They all gave me hugs and welcomed me into their family. I
  felt like crying, but I didn’t. I finally felt like I belonged, like I was
  home. “I wonder what you’d look like with a Black Veil Brides makeover….” Jinxx
  wondered aloud. “I’ll be right back,” I said. I went into my room and shut the
  door. Then I got to work. I put on a black tube top that just covered my boobs
  and exposed the tattoos I had been secretly getting for years now. I had a
  Black Veil Brides logo tattoo, a bloody rose, an anarchy symbol, and a lot of
  other small ones just to fill in space. I got out my black and red petticoat
  from Hot Topic and put it on over my black skinny jeans. I teased my longer than shoulder-length hair out
  as far as it would go and put a headband around my forehead. Then I got to work
  on my war paint. I did the best I could and then walked out into the main part
  of the tour bus. One by one their mouths dropped. First it was Ashley, then
  Jake, then Jinxx, then C.C., and last but not least, Andy. “How do I look?” I
  asked. “Like one of us,” Andy said while smiling that perfect smile. I sat down
  with the rest of them and we talked for a while about nothing substantial.
  After a while, C.C. spoke up. “We better get to sleep. We gotta be lively and
  energetic for the concert. Don’t wanna disappoint our fans,” And then he leaned
  in and whispered in my ear, “Although, I think Andy might have already done
  that. The girls won’t like how close you are to Andy. Just be careful,” he
  said. I walked into my room and Andy followed. “I get to share a room with you
  since I’ve known you longest,” he said. I did notice that my bed was big enough
  for two, but I didn’t think anything of it when I first got here. I crawled
  into one side and Andy crawled into the other. The bed was big enough that we
  didn’t touch, but I still felt the heat radiating off of him. With a smile on
  my face, I fell into a wonderful sleep. 

    The next morning I woke up and, for a brief moment, forgot that
I was touring with my favorite band of all time. I looked at the clock beside my
bed: 3:30. Andy was still sleeping peacefully beside me. Even when he was
sleeping he looked perfect. I got up out of bed and quietly opened the door. I
walked out into the main part of the bus and sat down on the couch. I put my
head in my hands and thought about exactly what I was doing. It was crazy, but
it felt right. I knew their history and how the list of previous members was
longer than the current ones, but I still felt like I belonged. I heard the door
open and then his beautiful voice. “Why are you up so early?” he asked. “I don’t
really know,” I said. He sat down beside me. “I’m so jealous of you,” I said in
a playful tone. “Why?” he asked. “Because even after you’ve been sleeping you
still look like an angel,” I said, looking down at my feet and blushing. I felt
his arm around my shoulder. He put his hand on my cheek and made me look up at
him. “You look beautiful. Every single time I look at you I see an amazing, fun
girl who isn’t afraid to be herself. When I see you, I see perfection,” he said,
looking deeply into my eyes. I tried to look down again, but he wouldn’t let me.
Our faces began to get closer to each other. As they did, I was sure he could
feel the heat from my face because I was blushing so much. We were so close to
each other we were almost touching. As our lips almost touched, we heard a door
open. We instantly pulled away and began blushing. I looked up and saw Ashley.
“Uh was I interrupting something?” he said. “No,” Andy and I both said
simultaneously. Ashley shook his head and walked into the bath room. “I’m gonna
go back into the room,” Andy said as he stood up. I just sat there, still in
shock. When I heard the door to the room close, I slumped down in embarrassment.
I couldn’t date Andy; it would just go horribly wrong. We would both end up
being hurt. Ashley walked out of the bathroom and looked over at me. “You do
know what would happen if you two became more than friends?” he asked. “Yeah,
we’d both end up hurt,” I said. “In more than one way….” he said as he walked
back into his room. I walked back towards the room, and when I was about to open
it, it opened from the other side. Andy stood there, a look of apology in his
eyes; the same look that was in mine. We stood there for what seemed like hours.
Before I knew it, our bodies were inches apart. We leaned towards each other and
I could feel his breath on my lips. I let a breath escape as the driver slammed on the breaks. I
fell into Andy’s chest and we both fell to the ground. “I’m so sorry!” I said. Whoa, dejavu.
That was the first thing Andy had ever said to me. I stood up and held my hand
out to help him up. He grabbed it, stood up, and then took me into a tight
embrace. “I meant what I said. You are beautiful; you are perfection,”he said as
he held me. I wanted to embrace him back, but I was frozen. I couldn’t move. My
limbs were heavy and my mind was clouded with thoughts of forbidden love. He let
go of me and looked into my eyes. He looked at me with eyes full of love and
acceptance. He walked past me and I wanted to kiss him. I wanted him to be mine
forever, but I could never do that. I heard Jake say something from the main
part of the bus, but I was too flustered to comprehend it. I then heard a knock
on the bedroom door. “Emily? We’re almost to the concert so you better get
ready,” I couldn’t tell you who said it; I barely knew that they were speaking
words. I got my “concert clothes” on and did my war paint. I looked like a
member of the band. As I was doing the finishing touches on my war paint, Andy
walked in. “Listen, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make anything awkward between
us,” Andy said. “It’s fine. And to be honest, I feel the same way about you,” I
said. He smiled at me. “Come on. Don’t want to disappoint your fans, right?” I
said. I grabbed his wrist and drug him off the tour bus and into the venue that
we were playing at. We entered through the backstage door and begun a sound
check. Fans had already piled into the audience. During the sound check, they
began chanting “Black Veil Brides” over and over again. C.C. was the first one
to go out on stage. The crowd cheered. Then Ashley, Jake, and Jinxx. The crowd
began cheering louder. Last but not least, Andy and I went out on stage. The
crowd went wild. We began singing in harmony and they crowd sang along to every
word. After the first song, Andy introduced me and we sang Saviour. After about
10 songs and a little talking to the audience in between them, the concert was
over and we went backstage to sign autographs and meet fans. After we met about
a hundred or so fans, we left. We went back onto the tour bus and went to our
rooms. Andy laid down and I knew he would fall asleep. I went into the bathroom
to take a shower. The water was burning hot, but it didn’t bother me. I felt
completely relaxed. The water at the bottom was black from the war paint running
off of me. Once I had finished washing all of the war paint off of me, I got out
and put on my pajamas, which for that night was a pair of Mario boxers and a
Rise Against tank top. I walked out of the bathroom and peeked into my room to
make sure Andy was sleeping, he was. I quietly walked over to my side of the bed
and laid down. I looked out the window at the blur of passing trees. I felt
hands wrap around me and I almost screamed. Then I felt his body press up
against mine. He was still sleeping, but he was spooning with me. I took his
hand and intertwined it with mine, then I feel into a deep, peaceful sleep. 

I became conscious the next morning and heard Andy’s heartbeat and breathing. I
opened my eyes and looked up. I was sleeping on his chest. I smiled to myself
and then I felt his hand stroke my arm as he kissed my forehead. “Good morning
sleepyhead,” he said playfully. I looked up at him and smiled. We both got out
of bed and went to the part of the bus that had a kitchen and a table.
“Pancakes?” he asked. “Sure,” I said, smiling at him. He made the pancakes and
put them at the table. “Enjoy,” he said as he served them to me. We ate our
pancakes and held small talk until we heard the door to Ashley’s room open.
Ashley walked out and looked at us. “What, no pancakes for me?” he asked. “Make
your own,” Andy said, never taking his eyes off of me. Jinxx came out of the
room shortly after. “Pancakes?” he said, confused. “Make your own,” Ashley said
simultaneously with Andy. Jinxx looked at Ashley with a puzzled look. “He told
me the same thing,” Ashley said with a sigh. Andy’s eyes were still glued to me.
I finished my pancakes and walked back into the room. I shut the door behind me
and slid down it. That was weird.Andy can’t like me. It’s impossible. I thought to myself. I stood up and put on a
pair of plain, blue, faded skinny jeans with a Ramones shirt. I plopped down on
the bed and picked up my phone: 7 new texts. Who could they be from? I thought to myself. My mom didn’t know how to text and Andy was here with me. I opened the first one: Jackie. She was one of my best
friends from my old school back in Ohio.“What you been up to?” is what that one
said. She was going to freak when I told her. She loved BVB. I’ll wait on
breaking the news to her. I opened the next one: Bobbie. She was my only friend
from my current school. “Hey what happened? Why haven’t you been in school?” she
wasn’t just my friend, though. She was like a sister, always looking out for me.
I could trust her with everything, but I decided not to tell her at the moment.
I opened the third: Jenna. She was also a friend from my old school. “Hiya :),” she said. She was kind of obsessive compulsive, but that’s one of the many reasons I loved her like a sister. I didn’t answer her either. I opened the
fourth: Marina. “Hey hooker face! :),”she was a friend from back when I played softball, she also loved BVB. I went on
to text #5: Shauna. “Hey sexy ;),” it said. I wasn’t a lesbian, and neither was
she. We were just best friends. I went on to text #6: Monica. She was also one
of my best friends from Ohio.“Hey you, I miss you skank!” that’s just
what my friends and I did. We picked at each other, but we always knew we were
joking. On to text #7: Tyler. Tyler was my ex and a friend from Ohio.“Hey,” he never really was one to talk
to. I ignored his like all the others and dropped my phone beside me. I let out
a sigh and closed my eyes. I remembered Ohio, the little group of outcasts my friends and I formed, everything. I missed it. I felt a warm tear run down my face as I remembered how much I
worried everyone when I ran away and tried to commit suicide. All the pain they
had to go through, not knowing if I was dead or alive. From that moment on, I
decided never to make anyone feel pain for what I did. I kept all my emotions
bottled up inside and never let anger or fear or sadness show. I felt another
tear roll down my face, but this one was wiped away. I looked up through blurry,
tear-filled eyes and saw him standing there. I sat up and immediately wiped my
tears away. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Nothing,” I said, not wanting to look
into his deep, blue, captivating eyes. “You’re lying,” he said softly. “Why
won’t you open up?” he asked. “There’s nothing to open up about,” I said, lying
through my teeth. “Yes there is. I can see it in your eyes,” he said. I remained
silent. “So why? Why do you feel like you have to shoulder this burden alone?”
he asked with a tinge of hurt in his voice.“Because I made a promise,” I said
softly. “To whom?” he asked with honest curiosity. “To myself. When I saw
everyone’s faces after I returned home from running away, I promised myself that
I would never make anyone worry about me or feel any sort of pain because of
me,” I said, recalling my memories of that night. He took me into a tight
embrace. “Never think that. Never think it’s your fault they worried or that
their in pain, they worry about you because they want to. They feel the pain of
worrying because they care. Nothing you do will ever change that, so at least
let us help instead of keeping us in the dark about everything,” he said as he
embraced me. This time, I embraced back. We sat there holding each other for
what seemed like an eternity. I didn’t want to let go, and I didn’t want him to
let go. But sadly, all good things must come to an end. I heard Ashley’s voice
from out in the kitchen. “Andy, can you come here?” he asked, shouting over the
noise of the bustling city around us. Andy pulled away from our embrace at the
same time I did. “Sure,” he shouted back. He walked out of the room, and as soon
as he did, Jake walked in. He shut the door and sat down on the bed next to me.
“We need to talk,” he said in a serious tone. “About what?” I asked, trying to hide the fear in my voice. “Be
honest; do you like Andy as more than a friend?” he asked, completely serious.
“No,” I said. “I love him. He’s my savior and my idol, but I know better than to
think anything could work between us. I’d rather be his friend for a lifetime,
than be his girlfriend for a few months.” Jake looked at me, a slight look of
shock crossed his face. Then he smiled. “Good. You’re smart, stay that way and
you’ll make it through this,” he said confidently. He stood up and started to
walk out of the room. He turned around when he got to the door, flashed an
arrogant smile, opened the door, and walked out. I stood up and walked over to
the window. We were stopped for some reason, and the city looked like every
other big city, skyscrapers, pollution, angry drivers. We weren’t playing a
concert for another three days, so I felt relaxed. We made it through the big
city and were on another highway. It was nightfall before we got to another one.
Nothing interesting had happened since my chat with Jake and now we were all
just sitting around the table telling secrets about ourselves. Some were your
standard confessions like who their first time was and the first time with
smoking/drinking. Others, however were very interesting. I won’t say who, but
someone has a man crush on Johnny Depp. It was probably around midnight when
Andy walked back to the room. I began to follow, but decided to go into the
bathroom instead. No one else saw me go in there, and they began talking. “So
what’s the deal with Andy?” I heard Jake ask. “Well, no matter what we said or
asked, he would just stare into space with a blank expression on his face. I
think he’s fallen for this girl,” I heard Ashley confess. “Fallen as in give it
a few weeks or fallen as in she’s everything to him and he won’t stop thinking
about her?” Jake asked. “The second one,” Ashley said. “What about Emily?” Jinxx
asked. “She knows better,”Jake said. “What are you talking about?” C.C. asked.
“She understands that a relationship with him would just make things more
difficult,” he said. So that’s what they did. They separated and questioned us
about our feelings for each other. I just don’t understand why. “Andy’s
girlfriend isn’t even that considerate,” I heard Jinxx say in a low voice. My heart shattered into a million pieces. He had a girlfriend and he was hitting on me. I felt so
used and hurt that I began to weep softly. “His girlfriend’s a whore and treats
him like shit,” I heard Ashley say angrily. I slowly crept out of the bathroom
and into my room. I was still weeping, and the tears were flowing like rivers
now. I opened the window to get some fresh air. I picked up my phone and called
Tyler. He wasn’t much to talk to, but he was one hell of a good listener. “Hello?” I heard
from the other end. I probably woke him up. I heard the other bedroom doors
close and I went out into the main part of the bus. “Hi,” I said, still crying.
“What’s wrong?” he asked, still sounding tired. “I know you probably won’t care,
but I needed someone to talk to. The guy I like likes me back and is the
sweetest person ever, but he has a girlfriend and I’m just his side hoe,” I said
as I started crying harder. I wasn’t Andy’s girlfriend, but it hurt to know he
was cheating on her with me. “He’s a douche. He doesn’t deserve anything from
you,”Tyler said. “But I’m sort of bunking with him now,” I said, trying not to give away the fact
that I’m touring. “What? Well I guess the reason doesn’t matter, move out,” he
said, not fully understanding the situation. We talked for a little bit longer
about nothing really important and I had finally stopped crying.“Thanks,
Tyler,”I said as he hung up. I looked at the clock on my phone; 2:30. Ugh. I walked back into the
room and laid down. This time, Andy didn’t put his arms around me, and I didn’t
want him to. I closed my eyes and sank into horrible nightmares.

I was woken up the next morning by my pillow seeping
water. Actually, it wasn’t water, it was my tears. I tried to stand, but when I
did; I got very dizzy and almost fell over. I caught myself by using the edge of
the bed. I shook it off and walked out of our room and into the bathroom. I took
a glance in the mirror and almost didn’t recognize myself. I looked like a
  zombie. I must not have gotten any sleep at all last night. I hadn’t eaten
  since yesterday morning, but was too upset to care about hunger. I washed my
  face and tried to make myself look a little better, but nothing was working. I
  gave up and walked out into the kitchen. I saw all four other band members
  sitting at the table. “Hey,” I said in a weak voice. “Do you guys want me to
  make you some breakfast?” I asked, my voice nearly giving out. “You look
  horrible, and you sound it too. What’s wrong?” C.C. asked. “I just had a
  nightmare,” I said I couldn’t focus on any one thing specifically. My vision
  began to blur and I could hardly stand. “Emily? Emily!” I heard one of them say
  as I lost consciousness. 

*later the day*

My eyes fluttered open to see a very familiar room around me. I was in a hospital.
I heard the beeping of heart monitor and looked down at my arm only to see a
needle pumping fluids into me. “So what’s wrong with her?” I heard Andy ask.
“She was dehydrated. You boys are lucky, if you would have brought her here any
later, she might not have made it,” I heard a man say. I assumed it was a
doctor. “An-dy?” I asked. My voice still sounded weak. “Shhh,” Andy whispered as
he stroked my head. I could tell that he’d been crying because his eyes were red
and puffy. “When can she go home?” I heard Ashley ask the doctor. “She can
go anytime now. Just make sure you keep her hydrated, ok?” the doctor said. He
left the room. I sat up and took the heart monitor thing off of me. Then I
ripped out the needle. “What are you doing?” Andy asked. I could hear fear in
his voice. Fear that something would happen to me. I had broken the promise to
myself by letting my emotions and feelings get in the way. 
“We’re going,” I said, emphasizing the“we’re.” I walked out of the room
and onto the elevator with the rest of the band, Andy standing next to me,
looking down. I saw a tear fall from his eye, but said nothing about it. We left
the hospital in silence. When we got back on the tour bus, Andy walked into the
room and shut the door. “What happened between you two?” Jinxx asked. “Nothing,”
I said. That was the honest truth, nothing had happened between us, yet we were
slowly drifting apart. I looked down at the ground and a tear fell from my eye.
“You overhead our conversation, didn’t you.” Ashley said solemnly. I nodded.
Someone tried to give me a consoling hug, but I pushed them away. “No,” I said.
“This is my fault. I shouldn’t have gotten so attached. It’s my burden to carry,
not yours. If you ever worry about me, if you even shed one tear for my sake, I
will never forgive you,” I said, tears welling in my eyes. I turned around and ran to my room. I shut the door behind me and ran over to the window. “Why?” I said as I looked up to the sky. “Why do I
have people who worry about me? I don’t deserve them,” I said as I fell to my
knees. I felt a hand touch my shoulder, but I shook it off.“Emily, what’s
wrong?” he asked. I couldn’t even look at him. I was in love with him, but he
obviously didn’t feel the same for me. He leaned in to kiss me and I pushed him
away. “You have a girlfriend, Andrew, and your trying to kiss me?!” I screamed
at him. I never called him Andrew before. He looked at me with hurt filled eyes.
“I don’t want anything to do with her,” he said in a low voice while looking
towards the ground. “Then why are you with her?” I asked. I just wanted answers
to those nagging, haunting questions. “Because she has things on me!” he yelled.
“She’s blackmailing you?” I asked shaking the tears from my eyes. “Yeah. I hate
her so much!” he growled as he punched the wall.“Andy, who cares what she has on
you? Let her tell everyone. Your true fans and friends won’t care. They’ll
accept you no matter what,” I told him, hoping I would get through to him.
“She’s going to tell everyone I abuse her if I break up with her,” he said
solemnly. “But you didn’t. Let her do whatever she wants. You know the truth and
that’s all that’s important,” I said. I slowly got up and walked out of the
room. Andy sat there motionless. Jake walked over to me.“What happened?” he
asked. “He told me all about his psycho little girlfriend,”I said. “I have a
plan,” Jinxx said. “What if we convince him to break up with her? We videotape
her freaking out and using her blackmail against him, and put it on the internet
once she tries to tell everyone he beats her,” Jinxx said.“That’s wrong and
horrible on every level; I love it,” C.C. said with a devilish smile. I walked
towards the room to go tell Andy our idea, but when I looked into the room, Andy
was no longer kneeling on the floor. He was sitting on the bed, holding
something in his hand. I heard a click, and then he proceeded to move the object
up to the side of his head and that’s when I saw it; the moonlight gleamed off
of the metal. My eyes widened in horror; Andy had a gun. He was going to kill
himself. “Andy no!” I screamed as I ran towards him. He looked up at me
as I pinned him. He overpowered me though, and I ended up under him. He put the
gun into my hand and held it up to his temple. “Do it,” he said. “Kill
me.”I felt his finger on mine as he attempted to make me pull the trigger. As he was about to pull it, I flipped the gun over and made it face me. He immediately let go of it. He stood up and backed into the
  corner. He slid down the wall and began sobbing. They weren’t tears of sorrow,
  though; they were tears of fear. I tried to console him, but he pushed me away.
“Get away from me!” he screamed. Ashley walked into the room. He was looking at
  his phone, the same look of horror on his face. The phone dropped and Ashley
  was frozen. I crawled over to his phone and picked it up. I’m
watching her. If that girl gets any “friendlier” with him, she’ll disappear. It
won’t be a peaceful death either.
My face dropped in horror. I stood up and
ran over to Andy. I fell to my knees when I got over to where he was trembling.
I embraced him as tightly as I could. “I love you, Andy,” I said, tears
streaming down my face. “Even if it means dying, I won’t let you go. I’ve lived
a good life, and you’ve made it even better,” I said, thinking of what could
happen. I may not get another chance to tell him. Tomorrow could be one day too
late. I pulled away and he looked into my eyes. I began to say something else,
but I was interrupted by Andy. He wasn’t speaking, he was kissing me. Our lips
moved in perfect harmony, passion and love radiating off of us. I saw my life
flash before my eyes and realized just how lucky I was. One single tear fell
from my eye. Andy pulled away and embraced me tightly. “I love you too,” he said
as we sat there, our bodies intertwined. I couldn’t see Ashley’s face, but I’m
pretty sure he was staring at us, mouth wide open in shock. Ashley’s phone began
to ring and it brought him back to reality. He walked out of the room and took
the call. I walked out after him. “I thought you weren’t going to get attached?”
he said sort of annoyed. “I can’t help who I fall in love with,” I said. He
grabbed me by the wrist and walked me into his room. Jinxx was on the phone with
Sammi Doll, and Ashley went over to his drawer and pulled out a bag of some
sort. “Open it,” he demanded. I opened the bag and my mouth dropped. It was full
of death threats and hater mail. “That’s why we didn’t want you to get to close
to Andy,” he said solemnly. “It’s worth it,” I said. “What?” he asked. “Being in
love with Andy is worth all of these death threats. I would die for him,” I
said. Ashley smiled. “Please don’t tell anyone,” I said. He nodded and I walked
out of the room. I went back to my room and picked my phone up off of the
nightstand and began texting Bobbie. She was also going to flip when I told her,
but I trusted her. I sent her a long elaborate text explaining where I’ve been
and what I’ve been doing. I left out the whole kiss part and anything else
romantic. She probably wouldn’t believe me anyway. I wouldn’t believe it if I
wasn’t actually here. The next place we were playing was really close to where a
lot of my old friends lived. I wonder if they’d be there. As questions flooded
my head I slowly fell asleep, dreaming of what would come next.

The sun was shining brightly when I woke up the next morning. I
looked at the clock: 1:30 (P.M.) Andy was cuddling with me, still asleep. I
rolled out of bed and walked into the kitchen area. I had thought about making
pancakes, but I suck at cooking. I decided to pour myself a bowl of cereal and I
quietly ate it alone. I put the bowl in the sink when I was done and went back
into the room to get dressed. I walked in and saw that Andy was waking up. He
smiled at me and proceeded to walk over to me. He grabbed my hand. “Morning,” he
said with that perfect smile on his face.“Morning to you too,” I said, blushing.
He was about to give me a kiss when a voice came from the kitchen. “Andy, get
your lazy ass in the kitchen and make me some mother fucking pancakes!” CC said
jokingly. Andy walked out and began conversing with him in a very low tone so
that I couldn’t hear. I walked over and grabbed my phone off of the nightstand.
I had one unread text from Bobbie.“Yeah right. Seriously where have you been?”
it said. I took a video of the tour bus and sent it to her. She replied about 5
minutes later. “Oh my God I’m so fucking jealous of you right now!” she said. I
laughed quietly and decided to get dressed. We were still about a day away (not
counting today) from Youngstown. I threw on some Batman boxers and
an Avenged Sevenfold tank top. I decided to look on Facebook to see if anyone I
knew was going to be at the concert. I had a Facebook, but I never did anything
except creep on my friends. I looked on Jackie’s, Monica’s, Shauna’s, and
Marina’s profiles. They were all going to the concert. Jackie was going with Shauna,
Marina was going with her boyfriend, and Monica was going with a friend of hers. I set my phone
back down and walked into the kitchen. Jinxx, CC, and Jake were sitting at the
table talking while Ashley and Andy were sitting on the couch talking. I walked
over towards Andy and Ashley. Ashley got up and walked over towards me. He
whispered in my ear, “Be careful. If this gets out, your life might be in
danger,” he said. Then he walked back into his room. I sat down next to Andy. We
made small talk for about an hour. By then everyone else had already gone to
their rooms.“About yesterday,” Andy said. “What about it?” I asked, already
knowing the answer. “About the kiss, it was in the heat of the moment and I let
my emotions get the best of me,” he said. “It’s ok. I did too. Still friends?” I
asked.“No,” he said. “I don’t want to be your friend.” He stood up and pulled me
up with him. He walked behind me and put a beautiful batwing necklace with our
  initials in it. “I want to be your boyfriend,” he said. I was speechless. He
  kissed me with passion and love. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity.
“Yes,” I finally whispered when he pulled away. We embraced tightly. Only after
  we let go did we realize that Ashley had, once again, seen everything. “Andy,
  can I talk to you?” Ashley said, dragging Andy into mine and Andy’s room. I
  plopped down on the couch again. It was only like three in the afternoon, and
  we still had about a day to go. Andy and Ashley walked out of the room about
  ten minutes later. Ashley walked into his room angrily. I stood up and walked
  over to the room. I closed the door and looked out the window. Then I swore we
  passed a “Welcome to Ohio!”sign. It must just be my nostalgia
creeping its way into my mind. I laid down on the bed and I must have passed out
because when I woke up and looked out the window, I saw very familiar
surroundings. I saw giant buildings and abandoned warehouses; the same buildings
and warehouses I remembered from growing up nearYoungstown. I grabbed my phone and ran out to
the kitchen. I saw Andy sitting there. “Where are we?” I asked, the eagerness
present in my voice. “Mineral Ridge, Ohio,”he said with a confused look on his face. I looked at the clock on my phone: 5:07 P.M. I texted Jackie and asked her, “Is that party you invited me to tonight?” “Yeah,
wait. Does that mean you can make it?” she responded. The party started at 5,
but being fashionably late is good. “Can we make a quick stop somewhere?”I
asked. “Sure,” he said, “where?” I gave him her address and we headed to her
  house. We pulled in her driveway and all six of us got out. She was having a
  Black Veil Brides party, and I felt it appropriate if we would make an
  appearance. I didn’t even bother to knock; I just walked in her door. I knew
  they would all be downstairs. I could hear We Stitch These Wounds playing. I
  walked down the stairs as quietly as I could. The whole band, including myself,
  was concert-ready. I told them to wait at the top of the stairs until I said to
  come down. When I got to the base of the stairs, I was attacked with hugs from
  all my old friends. “Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you came!” Jackie said as she
  hugged me. “Not just me,” I said as I signaled them to come downstairs. One by
  one they walked downstairs and one by one, the twenty or so people’s mouths
dropped. I wasn’t even sure Jackie was alive until I saw her shaking from
excitement. The band introduced themselves, and then I introduced them to
everyone. “I love you so much!” Jackie said, almost in tears as she hugged me
viciously. I smiled. Bobbie, Marina, Monica, and a few other people from Mineral
Ridge I knew walked up to me and gave me hugs. As I was talking to them, Andy
walked over and began conversing with us. We talked about the old days and fond
  memories for hours. Afterwards, the group dispersed and Andy took me into the
  backyard where a bonfire was still burning. He took me over to it and grabbed
  my hands. We stood next to it, our hands intertwined, the glow of the fire
  gently flickering and illuminating our faces on the moonless night. The stars
  looked like diamonds shining brightly on black velvet. He looked passionately
  into my eyes and began to speak. “I love you, Emily,” he said as he smiled.
  People started pouring out of the house and forming a crowd around us. “This
  song is dedicated to the girl who changed my life. My fallen angel,” he said as
  he looked at me and smiled. Then he began to sing. The crowd’s breath, along
  with mine, was taken away when his perfect voice cut through the silence of the
  night. His eyes never left mine. Jinxx walked out of the house and began to
  play the acoustic guitar along to the song Andy was singing. It was beautiful
  and perfect in every way. Tears of joy fell from my eyes. He finished the song
  and passionately kissed me. Everyone took a gasp of shock. No one knew we were
  dating yet. The gasp was followed by a collective “awww”. Andy and I pulled
  away and embraced tightly. “I’ll see you back on the bus,” he whispered to me.
  He then kissed my forehead and walked away. All my friends came up to me and
  told me how happy they were for us. I could tell they all felt a pang of
  jealousy when Andy kissed me, but they were practically my family. They
  understood me in ways my real family never did. I said my goodbyes after giving
  them all back stage passes to the upcoming concert they were going to. I walked
  back onto the bus and into my room. I laid down on the bed and drifted off into
  a sleep that was filled with beautiful images and that perfect song. Before I
completely lost myself to my dreams, I felt Andy embrace me. We both fell
asleep, still embracing, looking like a photograph in the endless flow of time.
A perfect moment for our memories. 
Sunlight and whispers; that’s what woke me the next morning. “I love
you,” he would whisper. Then followed the song. The sunlight peered through the
window, shining brightly on my face. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. The
  sunlight had cast a golden glow on his perfect, pale complexion. He looked down
  at me and smiled. “Good morning, my love,” he said as he kissed my hand. He
tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear and proceeded to press his lips
against mine. Ashley walked in and Andy seemed to ignore him. For a moment,
Ashley just stood there, waiting for Andy to notice him. Andy never pulled away
from our kiss. Ashley walked over to him, grabbed his hand, and dragged him out
of the room. I sat there, a confused expression finding its way onto my face. I wonder what that’s all about, I
  thought to myself as I got up and followed them. Neither of them noticed that I
  did. I secretly followed them. They went into Ashley’s room where they would be
  alone since Jinxx was spending the day with Sammi Doll. Ashley slammed the
  door. “What the hell are you thinking?” he loudly whispered. There was no
  answer from Andy. “Well?” Ashley said impatiently. Still no answer from Andy.
  It was then I heard the connection of a hand to a face. “You bastard! I told
  you that she was mine!” I heard Ashley yell quietly. “You can hit me all you
  want, scream at me, do whatever. I don’t care! I love her and I’m not giving
  her up for anyone!” Andy screamed back. “You backstabbing Asshole!” Ashley
  screamed. I had heard enough. I ran into the bathroom and slammed the door
  behind me. I slid down it with a shocked expression on my face. I pinched
  myself a few times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Each time hurt like hell,
  but I kept on doing it. That is, until I heard Andy’s bedroom door slam. I
  stood up and looked in the mirror. I’m not that different from every other
  girl. What do they see in me? I thought to myself. I sighed and walked out of the bathroom and into my room.
  Andy was staring out the window. I tried to quietly walk over and get my phone,
  hoping he was too absorbed in his thoughts to notice me. I took three steps
  before he asked me a question. “The show isn’t until 10:00 tonight, so we have
  all day to do whatever we want,” he said as he turned around and walked over to
  me, a devilish smile planted on his face. He took my hands and leaned in closer
  to me. “Let’s go out somewhere,” I said. Our faces were inches apart. It was
  like the first time he had ever tried to kiss me. “Or we could stay in,” he
  whispered in my ear. His voice was very seductive and his smile was very
  lustful. His eyes were overflowing with passion. I couldn’t speak. There was no
  way to respond to him. I was frozen in time while everything else moved
  forward. Andy pinned me up against the wall. No. Please, I’m begging you. Don’t do this. I thought. I would’ve spoken, but I couldn’t process the thought. He began passionately kissing me. His hands were
gently holding the small of my back. His lips moved to my neck and his hands
moved to my hips. Move dammit, move!  I thought. I tried to move my arms, my hands, anything. But nothing happened. He began to slowly slide his hands up my shirt. I didn’t want this to happen, not
yet anyways. I didn’t want to be just another girl he used for sex. His hands
moved up and down the curves of my body. Shivers of excitement and fear ran up
my spine. I wanted to tell him to stop. I wanted to scream for help. I wanted
him, or somebody, to hear me. Help. Please. I thought as he began to undress me and throw me on the bed. Please. Help. A single tear ran down my face. I gasped in shock as i sat up. I looked at the clock on my phone, 2:30 am. It was just a dream I thought to myself with a sigh of relief. I stood up and walked over
to the window. The starry sky was adorned with blackness and a beautiful moon.
As I was looking, I felt someone’s eyes on me. I turned around and saw a very
  familiar figure in the doorway. "Can we talk?" he asked quietly. "Sure,
Ashley,” I said, kind of nervous. We walked out into the main part of the tour
bus. He turned and faced me as he grabbed my hands. Then he spoke.“I know you’re
with Andy, and I know you probably don’t think about me the same way I think
about you, but I need to tell you this,” he said nervously. “I l-love you,” he
managed to whisper. My mouth dropped in shock. “You….love me?”I said, confused.
“Yes. From the very first moment we met, I’d fallen for you. I love you more
than Andy ever could. Just imagine what we could be, Emily,” he said. I couldn’t
move, I couldn’t speak; I just stood there. I heard the door hit the wall as it
slammed open. Andy was brimming with rage. “Ashley, you son of a bitch!” he
screamed as he ran towards him, fists clenched. I jumped out in front of him as
he was about to hit Ashley. His fist landed right on my face. There was a
definite crack! as a few of my teeth were knocked out of my mouth. Fountains of blood followed soon after. I fell to
the ground with a thud!“Don’t hurt him, Andy. You’re the only one I love,” I said as I looked up at him. I smiled a
crooked smile as blood dripped from my mouth. His eyes widened in horror as
tears filled them. He dropped to his knees. “I’m……sorry,” he managed to stammer
out. I didn’t have to look at Ashley to see that he was pissed. I crawled over
to Andy and looked deeply into his eyes. I wrapped my arms tightly around him.
He began weeping on my shoulder. I looked back at Ashley who now had a look of
defeat on his face. Sadness crept into his eyes. I stood up and made my way to
the bathroom. I was worse than I thought. I picked up a towel and started wiping
the blood off of my face. The crimson liquid absorbed into the towel. After I
was all cleaned up, I went into the kitchen and put a bag of ice on my face. I
walked back into my room and looked out the window. The starry sky was adorned
with blackness and a beautiful moon. I wonder where Andy went I thought. I was about to go and look for him when
Ashley entered the room. He closed and locked the door behind him. He then
pinned me against the wall. I kicked him as hard as I could repeatedly, but he
just gripped my wrists even tighter. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I bit
it as hard as I could. He kept on kissing me. The grip on my wrists tightened.
It felt as though they were going to snap. He then took a headband from my hair
with his teeth. He threw me onto the bed and tied me up with my headband.
“Ashley you bastard! Open this door!”Andy demanded from the other side. Ashley
ignored him and undressed me. I began to sob silently. As Ashley was about to go
inside of me, Andy broke down the door and tacked him to the ground. He then
pulled Ashley up by the shirt collar and threw him against the wall, knocking
him unconscious. He ran over to me and embraced me. I could do nothing but cry
on his shoulder. I was mortified. I must’ve fallen asleep, because when I awoke,
the sun was shining brightly. I got out of bed and got dressed. Andy wasn’t in
the room, but I could hear him talking in the kitchen. I took a deep breath and
thought about why I was there. I was there because I told myself that I would
meet Black Veil Brides and thank them for saving me. After that, I could die
peacefully, but I still hadn’t thanked them. Andy walked into the room. I looked
him dead in the eye and spoke. “Thank you,” I said as a single tear fell from my
eye. “Thank you for saving me. My life is in your hands now. Do what you will
with it,” I said. “I can do anything I want?” he asked. “Yes,” I said. He
grabbed my hand and dragged me off of the tour bus. We walked down the road to a
tattoo parlor. When we entered, he walked over to one of the tattoo artists and
whispered something to him. The man nodded in agreement. Andy grabbed my hand
and took me over to a chair. We sat down next to each other. The man did Andy’s
tattoo first. I couldn’t see what it was, but I knew it was on his hand. It took
the man about twenty minutes. He then moved to me. “No peeking,” Andy told me
with a smile. I closed my eyes and felt my finger being tattooed. About twenty
  minutes later, the man was finished. “Ok, open your eyes,” Andy said. When I
  did, Andy was on one knee, holding my hand. I looked down at my tattoo and my
  mouth dropped. It was in the shape of an engagement ring. He had one that was
  identical. “Will you marry me?” he asked.

I woke up and looked around. “Whoa,” I said under my breath. “Some
dream,” I said as I looked through the darkness to my black-and-pink splatter
painted room. Pictures covered the majority of it. I looked out my window. I was
still in that halfway house in miserable Ohio. I sighed. STWOF (Set the World on Fire)
was still playing on repeat. I looked at my phone. It was 4:02 in the morning.
School was going to suck the next morning, being as I was a freshman. I grabbed
a pen and a notebook and began writing down every event in my dream with
excruciating detail. I opened my window and crawled out. I stood amongst the
violent thunder and bright flashes of lightening. “One day, Andy, we will meet.
But I will not be the same girl I am now. I’ll be up on stage, with everyone
screaming my name. I promise you this,” I said as I looked up into the jet black
sky. “One day,” 

*********************The End**********************